Bring it on!

Bogathon is open to anyone who feels up to the challenge – from marathon runners to endurance athletes, first timers and everyone in between. Enter by registering online.


The time for sporting guff is over. We’re about to find out which sporting disciplines really dig deep when it counts most. We want entries from teams across all sports from athletics, to soccer, boxing, martial arts, GAA, cricket, rowing, sailing – whatever you’re into. Shake up local rivalries by creating new ones and re-write the history of your sporting organisation by being part of something great.


Compete against yourself and the best in the game. Take part from the start and set a personal best, set a new Bogathon record and set the standard for this event in the years ahead by laying down a marker that others will have to beat.


So, you like messing around in the mud – we get that. We welcome all kinds of crazy costumes and fancy dress, so go wild, dress up as Batman or fling on a tutu (if that’s your thing). Be part of Bogathon, because no-one has ever had this much fun at the bog. Once you complete the event, you’ll have the medal to prove it. You can even buy the T-shirt, (a specially commissioned Bogathon one that is!).

And because this kind of exhilaration is a messy business, we’ll hose you down after the event

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